Museo Soumaya - Mexico City from Yannick Wegner on Vimeo.

Museum buildings tend to be conceived either for maximum functionality – acting as neutral containers for art – or as iconic structures that represent a city at a particular historic moment. The Museo Soumaya was designed as both: a sculptural building that is unique and contemporary, yet one able to house a collection of international paintings, sculptures, and decorative objects dating from the fourteenth century to the present.

The exterior of the building is an amorphous shape perceived differently from every angle, reflecting the diversity of the collection inside. The building’s distinctive façade is made of hexagonal aluminum modules facilitating its preservation and durability. The shell is constructed with steel columns of different diameters, each with its own geometry and shape, creating non-linear circulation paths for the visitor. The building encompasses 20,000 square meters of exhibition space divided among five floors, as well as an auditorium, café, offices, gift shop, and multipurpose lobby. The top floor is the largest space in the museum, with its roof suspended from a cantilever that allows in natural daylight.

Across a Peninsula 4K from Jonas Høholt on Vimeo.

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This video is a collection of my best timelapses through 7 months of work that has been boiled down to just over two minutes. It shows the beauty of the peninsula Jutland which forms the western part of Denmark. From the coast of Djursland in east to the coast of Hanstholm in west.
I’ve seen stuff, that very few people actually see with the naked eye, such as dancing auroras and the milky way galaxy streaking across the night sky.

Turn the Volume up, HD on and enjoy the Jutland Peninsula.
The video was finished in 4K Ultra HD, which is available by request.

Thanks to Gunther Wegner for making life of a busy timelapser a lot easier with an awesome editing-software, LRTimelapse.

Thanks to Ryan Taubert for composing “Kings”. It fits my timelapses perfectly.
Music licensed through

Stop-motion control achieved with dolly gear from Dynamic Perception - check out their gear, its phenomenal.